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  • That Unstoppable Feeling…….Ft Eleven60

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    Kierra Sheard

    Have you ever ever put on something, and took a look in the mirror like “daammnnn…” or  “whaatt..is that me?, looking like a whole entree??” Isn’t it funny how clothes can add an extra layer of confidence?  Especially when it brings out your favorite features?

    Sometimes that dress, or outfit you put on can make you feel unstoppable! As if you have no worries, as if you can take her the world, just because you look and feel good! That’s the power of an amazing dress/ fit!

    During my search for a dress to wear to a wedding, I was also searching for a dress that would give me that unstoppable feeling, a dress that would make me feel bold, and confident,

    walk through the doors, flip my hair and give a cute smile kinda dress

    spring time feel kinda dress for a wedding and


    And guess where I found this dress.. on Eleven60 ! If you read one of my previous post, I expressed how amazing Eleven 60 is! It’s a brand that redefines plus size fashion and give plus women a reason to feel confident in themselves and to believe that they belong in the fashion world!!!

    The dress I found is called the  Naturally Nude  and when I say it gives you the ultimate the spring vibesssss…… Check out the pics and let me know what you think!!

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